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Widontec is a company specializing at design, modification and production of machinery for agriculture, horticulture and industry.


Your partner for engineering, development and maintenance

Widontec is specialized in the design, adaptation and production of machines for companies from the industrial, agricultural, horticultural and event sectors. We are a partner in the field of constant maintenance for a large part of our customers' machinery park - regardless of whether we have produced these machines ourselves or not. Also, our customers know where to find us for (further) development and production of company-specific products. From the development of a few pieces for own use to the outsourcing of complete batch production. A wide range of services and technical expertise are our strength.

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Widontec Engineering

Widontec engineering takes your idea and goal to a high-quality, reliable and efficient product. Our customers know the requirements which have to be met by new machines, what are its specific features and principles of operation. However, the application of various technical elements and their combination into a well-functioning design and product are usually left with the experts.

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