The path from idea to reality.

Widontec engineering translates the idea, your objective, to a qualitatively reliable and efficient product. Many of our clients know what is required, the specific features and the working principles of a new machine. However, when it comes to applying various technical elements and combining these elements to obtain a feasible design and product, they rather call in the experts.

Design and Construct Principle:

Widontec is often using the Design and Construct principle. In a nutshell, Widontec not only designs but also builds the machine. In that way, our clients are dealing with only one contact point with clear and unambiguous arrangements.

Help! I need a machine to suit my requirements and ideas!

Many entrepreneurs are very well informed when it comes to improving or refreshing their own production processes. But who can actually do the job and what is it going to cost? That is where Widontec comes in; from the idea and realisation right through to service and maintenance.
Larger projects are split up into phases, in consultation with the client. In phase one, many manual model sketches and technical principles are drawn up to make sure the project is technically feasible. After that, the attention is focused on technical problems and possible solutions. In the next phases, details of the designs are further analysed for production.

Stop or go!

Phasing the project is a way to find out whether or not we are still on the right track together. In fact, it is at the roots of achieving the intended objectives. But technical feasibilities may be impossible within the intended objectives or budgets. That is the reason why, after each phase, a "stop or go" decision is taken in consultation with the client.

Three-dimensional design (3D).

The design must be clear for both the technical staff and the client, for today but especially for tomorrow. The use of professional design software allows us to map out even the smallest details. We can simulate and check all movements on performance. Essential construction components are subjected to calculations of strength, FEM analyses and service life calculations. This way of working turns the manufacture of your machine into a formality.


For every capital expenditure you like to be sure that no details are overlooked. We can help by running a virtual new machine on your premises or on your production site. So you can be sure that your production routing is in order and that technical connection points are in the right spot.

Producing and after-sales service.

As we mentioned before, producing should be a formality. However, the quality depends on a well thought-out design and even more so on the correct way of assembling and testing by our professional and experienced technical staff.
Depending on our client's requirements, we also take care of the operating instructions and the manuals for repairs or assembly.

Widontec: your technical partner.

You like to do the things you are good at, and we are much the same. You tell us what you want us to do. Perhaps you want us for maintenance of your machinery, or for any adjustments or replacements. Or you restrict your activities to commercial sales of your own machine line under private label and leave the development and possibly the production through to after-sales service to technical professionals….. Working together with Widontec as your technical partner!